International Women’s Day: Favs

This week the world celebrated International Women’s Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the amazing women who were (and are!) trail blazers in a world where being a woman isn’t always so easy. The music industry is typically a boy’s club, and it’s obvious when you look at a festival line up or go to a networking event. Because of this, organizations like Women in Music are important, and remind women in the industry they’re not the only ones who know the struggle of working in male-dominated offices, or working with almost exclusively male artists. This same sentiment is why Miranda and I started Euterpe, there just wasn’t enough of us.

In honor of International Women’s Day, I’ve made a list of some of my favorite ladies in music. Some of these artists go way back and were a huge part of my childhood, and others keep me hopeful about a place for women in the modern world.

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Euterpe Does Record Store Day 2016

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Record Store Day is hands down one of our favorite days of the year. The April date is usually the biggest for us, and this year we had our eyes on a few titles including Bleachers’ female cover renditions. Record Store Day is an incredible way for artists and labels to give back to mom-and-pop record stores across the country by releasing content that is limited edition, colored, or previously unreleased. These record stores are becoming a rarity and the ‘holiday’ stems out of a need to keep them alive and also recognize their contributions to the community. Because releases are limited, and occasionally released only regionally, many participating stores have varying releases which makes this a sort of treasure hunt.

While oftentimes we do Record Store Day shopping with a list in mind, we can’t always find everything we originally planned on but we never leave empty handed. Miranda and I each did Record Store Day a little differently with Miranda in Miami, and myself in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Heather’s Picks:
At Tunes in Hoboken, I picked up the Bleachers Terrible Thrills, Vol. 2 release and Regina Spektor’s albums Begin to Hope and Soviet Kitsch. I also picked up the Across the Universe and How to Train Your Dragon colored soundtrack pressings that were exclusive for RSD along with a Star Wars: Force Awakens picture disc. I was able to grab Børns’ live RSD release back in Florida a few days later, where I also picked up a Mondo pressing of the Jurassic Park soundtrack that was a non-RSD release.

Miranda’s Picks: 

I am almost embarrassed to admit I have never waited in line for a Record Store Day release, but still get sorely disappointed when I can’t find the albums I want. Usually I can find at least one, and deep down I feel like it’s what’s best for my bank account.

From Sweat Records in Miami, I took home Walk the Moon’s You Are Not Alone: Live at the Greek and Chvrches’ Every Open Eye: the Remixes. I highly recommend Sweat for RSD if you live in South Florida, because they always throw a big party with live music and food trucks. Along with my records, I went home with a belly full of gourmet grilled cheese from Ms. Cheezious.

At Radioactive Records, I managed to find the Wolf Alice release, White Leather/Leaving You. I also found a relic from 2014’s black Friday Record Store Day, the Live 2 picture disk featuring recordings from Bon Jovi’s New Jersey tour in the 80’s. In the words of Heather, “nobody likes Bon Jovi.” But I do, Heather, I do.