International Women’s Day: Favs

This week the world celebrated International Women’s Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the amazing women who were (and are!) trail blazers in a world where being a woman isn’t always so easy. The music industry is typically a boy’s club, and it’s obvious when you look at a festival line up or go to a networking event. Because of this, organizations like Women in Music are important, and remind women in the industry they’re not the only ones who know the struggle of working in male-dominated offices, or working with almost exclusively male artists. This same sentiment is why Miranda and I started Euterpe, there just wasn’t enough of us.

In honor of International Women’s Day, I’ve made a list of some of my favorite ladies in music. Some of these artists go way back and were a huge part of my childhood, and others keep me hopeful about a place for women in the modern world.

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Odeion: Daughter and Vancouver Sleep Clinic Live in Orlando


A few years ago, when I was a Sony Music college rep (#tbt), when the company still did marketing for Glassnote artists, I worked on a project that resonated with me and won me over with just one song: Daughter. The English indie folk band was formed in 2010 with front woman Elena Tonra, Swiss-born guitarist Igor Haefeli, and French drummer Remi Aguilella. They have released two studio albums and have several EPs that are perfect for a nice cry, or study soundtrack.

When I heard that Daughter was performing in Florida (for the first time!), I was excited to see them, especially because it had been years of following the project. They are touring with opening act Vancouver Sleep Clinic (great for fans of the XX) from Brisbane, Australia, though I admit I had never heard of them until the night of the show.

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Bear Hands Are Boss

You might know NYC indie group Bear Hands  by their single “Giants” that dropped two years ago, or their most recent “2 AM.” The indie group has been all over alternative radio lately and has become pretty notable since the release of “Giants.” While the band started in 2006, this song that really put them on the radar. Now the band is proving they’re beyond a one hit wonder, and that they’re here to stay.

The band released their latest album You’ll Pay For This recently this year in April, and just premiered a music video for the single, “Boss.” You can check out the premiere here.

The band played High Dive, one of the largest venues in Gainesville with an 800 person capacity, in 2014 and they made their return a few weeks ago. Their Ft. Lauderdale show, which they played in conjunction with FOALS (also a wonderful band) had just sold out and if that doesn’t scream greatness, well I’m not sure what does. To see the band evolve and grow into larger audiences, festivals, and having multiple singles on the radio has certainly been a journey, but to watch an act grow in this way is such a privilege and truly, an intimate experience for both fans and the band themselves.

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Odeion: Wolf Alice


Photos by Miranda Jayne/Euterpe Staff

Downtown Miami was bathed in a pink, neon glow last week as the 1975 dazzled fans at the Bayfront Park amphitheater as part of their North American tour. Joining them were their Dirty Hit Records labelmates, The Japanese House and Wolf Alice.  While this was a reunion of friends for the artists, for fans on this side of the pond, it meant exposure to new bands they may not have heard before.

I was put on to Wolf Alice’s music early on in their career as they were signed to RCA Records while I was a Sony Music college rep. “Bros” was, and still is, my jam so we were stoked to see them.

The band went on shortly after sunset, and had an awesome stage presence with singer Ellie Roswell sailing the ship. They played a 30 minute set, starting with a brief intro, then “Your Loves Whore.”They soon led into “You’re a Germ” and their single “Bros,” with many members of the audience singing along. The band then played”90 Mile Beach” which was fitting given the venue overlooks Miami’s bay and downtown area. This was followed by “Giant Peach” and closing with “Moaning Lisa Smile.”

Catch Wolf Alice on their remaining dates with The 1975 in the U.S. and Canada, then in Europe later this summer. In the meantime, you can listen to them below. Enjoy!

Record Stores: An Endangered Species


Photos by Miranda Jayne/Euterpe Staff

In my mind, there is a graveyard for the many beloved music establishments that are no longer, even for some I am too young to have experienced myself. I’d like to think that New York City’s CBGB exists in some alternative universe you can request at time of death, if there is an afterlife. I mourn over the Spec’s I visited weekly as a child, local venue Talent Farm that I frequented as a teenager, and the Virgin Records Store where I would spend hours digging through imports and gems that I could never find anywhere else.

I briefly lived in New York City this past year, and Other Music was an establishment I thought would be around until kingdom come. It sat on East 4th Street with a blue and orange flag hanging above, decked out in posters so much so that sometimes you could not see inside. The store had a musty smell, which any proper record store should, and had some real gems. I often popped in on my break just to fingerwalk across their new arrivals. The store once so embedded in New York’s music scene has announced they will be closing, and this has brought a lot of criticism on the music industry, record sales, and listener consumption.


Standing in a very full Radio-active Records for a set by the Front Bottoms made me think about the death of Other Music, and likely many other record stores that will follow. So many record stores are near extinction, as they are often only ever frequented for Record Store Day.  As an avid lover of all things music, some of my best memories are in record stores and so today I implore you to please help keep these magnificent places alive. Please go to the in-store set, but please also stop in instead of clicking “Add to Cart” for that record on Amazon. You won’t even have to wait two days! Come in on Record Store Day, but also come in to order your favorite band’s release because this is the only way we can keep these local cultural hubs alive.


Shout out to the Front Bottoms, who played a free in-store set at Fort Lauderdale’s favorite record store on May 10th, and encouraged fans to stop by. The set was a few songs, and the store reached capacity fairly quickly, with many fans gathering outside, peeking through the windows to catch a glimpse of their performance. The band was in town for their show later that night at Revolution Live.  Following their set, they did a meet and greet, signing albums and chatting with fans. Ultimately, labels and bands: please give back to these outlets by doing these kinds of events with mom and pop shops. Mom and pop shops: please stay around because we need you.

You can listen to the Front Bottoms here and make sure to stay tuned because we have a special surprise coming soon!